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The Four Aces
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Summer 2001 : taking advantage of a gig in a Parisian bar, Laurent (singer), Nico (drums) and Malo (double bass) were hitting some booze and started to talk about forming a band.

First, they called themselves « The Rockets » and were mostly « white rock » styled.

When the first guitarist left, Laurent, who was also playing with the « Rock  A -Tones » for a couple of years, asked his guitarist Jean Charles to join them and that was the real start of « The Four Aces », a serious combo who doesn't takes itself seriously !

They changed their repertoire and choose to turn more Rockabilly. Most of the songs were covers however, they would play them their own way.

Their first live gigs happened during parties at friends  and the first official show took place in St Malo (France) on July 2002. After many gigs in different places during the year of 2003, the band decided to stop, Laurent continue to play with the Rock-A-Tones and Nico joined The Atomics. In the early 2005 Nico, Malo and Laurent decided to play again together and asked Marco (Rhythm All Stars) to play with them, his answer was « yes ». The Four Aces are back. After 1 year of rehearsal the band now plays a mix of cover and own songs and was ready to hit the road again. But after a few years, the band had to stop again, when Nico left for new adventures with Easy Lazy « C » and his Silver Sleepers, untill june 2010, when Carlos, also member of King Baker s Combo, join them on drums.

They played in many places like The Rock and Roll Party in Kergrist, at the Taco's bar in Lausane switzerland, in Porto and Lisbon Portugal, at the Dream Fish Kustom Party in Allassac just to name a few.

Their first album « Goin' Strong With... » is out since March 2012 & Their first 10 « When You re Gone » is out in August 2012. Both available in every good records stores, or ask them for it next time you see them on stage !

Goin Strong with The Four Aces
Goin' Strong With... The Four Aces
référence : CD : RPRCD 21
15 €
The Four Aces When Youre Gone
The Four Aces - When You're Gone LP
référence : LP : RPRLP 106
15 €